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Explore innovative applications of stainless steel 17-4PH powder in the field of 3D printing 3d printing materials

With the fast advancement of 3D printing innovation, a growing number of sectors are seeking the application capacity of this innovative manufacturing technique, particularly in the straight production of metal components. Among the numerous steel materials that can be used for 3D printing, stainless steel 17-4PH powder sticks out because of its distinct combination of

A good helper for 3D printing-silicon carbide ceramic heat exchange tube 3d printing materials

Silicon carbide porcelains is a material with high strength, high thermal conductivity, and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. It can adjust well to the external atmosphere during usage and is taken into consideration the best anti-corrosion heat exchange product in the market. The stamina of ordinary ceramic products will certainly go down considerably at

TRUNNANO(Luoyang Tongrun) will participate in the WORLD OF CONCRETE ASIA 2024

From August 14th to 16th, the Globe OF CONCRETE ASIA 2024 (WOCA) will certainly be held at the Shanghai New International Exposition Facility, China. Luoyang Tongrun Information Modern Technology Co., Ltd will certainly participate in the exhibit( Booth Number: E1C01). The item will cover a range of applications, such as concrete frothing agents, polycarboxylate superplasticizers,

What is Cu clip package? metal

Power chips are connected to external circuits through product packaging, and their performance depends on the assistance of the product packaging. In high-power scenarios, power chips are usually packaged as power components. Chip affiliation describes the electric connection on the top surface of the chip, which is usually aluminum bonding wire in standard components. ^

10 Commonly Used 3D Printing Metal Powders and Their Wide Application Fields 3d printing materials

In modern production, 3D printing technology is creating quickly and bring in prevalent focus in numerous areas. Among them, 3D printing steel powder is one of the crucial materials for understanding the manufacturing of high-performance steel components. The adhering to will introduce 10 frequently used 3D printing steel powders and their vast application areas. ^

The advent of new high-speed micro-scale 3D printing technology is expected to promote the development of biomedicine and other fields 3d printing materials

Researchers at Stanford College in the United States have actually developed a brand-new high-speed micro-scale 3D printing technology – roll-to-roll continual fluid interface manufacturing (r2rCLIP), which can print 1 million very great and adjustable micro-particles each day. This accomplishment is expected to promote the growth of biomedicine and various other areas. The pertinent paper was

Similarities and Differences Between Colorless Nano Silver Solution and Colored Nano Silver Solution

Similarities and Differences Between Colorless Nano Silver Solution and Colored Nano Silver Solution: Shape and color The silver particles in colorless nano silver solution mainly exist in the form of ions, and the solution is colorless and transparent. This form allows the colorless nanosilver solution to penetrate the cell’s interior and exert its antibacterial effect. However, the