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Covalent Hydride

wallpapers Products 2020-12-07
Hydride powder refers to a composite powder of hydrogen and metal or other elements. Methyl hydride is a binary compound formed by hydrogen and other elements. However, in general scientific and technological work, the binary compound of hydrogen and metal is always called hydride, and the binary compound of hydrogen and non-metal is called hydrogen.
Generally speaking, the reducibility of the same family increases from top to bottom, and the reducibility decreases from left to right in the same cycle, for example:

The behavior of covalent hydrides in water is more complicated. Commonly:
Forming strong acids: HCl, HBr, HI;
Form weak acid: HF, H2S, H2Se, H2Te;
Forming alkali: NH3;
Water liberates hydrogen: B2H6, SiH4;
Those that do not interact with water: CH4, PH3, AsH3, GeH4, SnH4, SbH3.
The ability of hydride RHn to donate protons is generally related to the electronegativity and radius of R. The acidity increases from left to right in the same cycle as the electronegativity of R increases; in the same family, from top to bottom, the increase in acidity is mainly determined by the corresponding increase in the radius of R. The strength of acidity and alkalinity is determined by the total energy effect in the thermochemical cycle of ionizing H+ protons from hydride in water.

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