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Key to Longer Wind Turbine Life: variable paddle bearing Upgrade

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With the rapid development of the wind power industry, wind turbines are developing in the direction of low wind speed and high power. While the energy is increasing, the wind turbines have placed higher requirements on each subsystem. As the core components of the wind turbine, the variable paddle bearing is direct Affects the consistency and accuracy of the entire pitch action.

variable paddle bearing Characteristics and Principles

Pulping is the process of changing the angle of wind turbine blades. Pulping bearings are bearings for the changing mechanism. It is located at the position where the rotor hub and the blade are connected. The hydraulic drive can adjust the blade to the optimal angle suitable for wind conditions. The maintenance cost of slurry bearings is high and requires a long life.

variable paddle bearings have a designed service life of 20 years (approximately 175.000 hours) and are usually composed of deep grooved Gothic arched raceways and the most massive ball balls. Disc-shaped spacers or cage dividers evenly distribute ball balls. The single-row four-point or double-row eight-point contact design provides excellent load capacity, and the bearing raceways allow the balls to bear loads from any direction at the same time.

However, in some cases, the characteristics of the fan may cause the life of the variable paddle bearing to decrease.

One of the causes of variable paddle bearing failure: lubrication

Because wind turbines are subject to severe weather conditions, proper lubrication methods must be designed to ensure maximum machine uptime and minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right grease is the first and most crucial step. The variable paddle bearing grease must be resistant to water washout and contain a durable additive package to prevent high loads and vibrations. The use of a continuous feed lubrication system also allows the site to add or adjust grease fill as needed.

One of the causes of variable paddle bearing failure: overload operation

In the variable paddle bearing, the contact area between the ball and the raceway forms an ellipse, which is centered on the contact angle of the raceway. Under large thrust or overturning loads, the contact ellipse will overflow the physical limits of the raceway. The probability of contact truncation increases with the ratio of bearing diameter to thickness, or with decreasing external support. Severe contact cutoffs can cause stress rises that can cause path edges to break or the ball to break into pieces.

variable paddle bearing upgrade method

Increase path surface area and strengthen the race

Split ring and raceway geometry

Seal upgrade

Improved raceway durability

Proper storage, packaging, and handling

Customized solutions to extend fan life

When wind turbines go offline due to maintenance issues or equipment failures, the high cost of maintenance personnel and the workday costs of cranes can drive up costs.

Upgraded variable paddle bearing solutions can improve the life and efficiency of wind turbines and reduce downtime by:

1.Improve the reliability of wind turbines even in harsh environments

2.Extend the service life of seals and bearings

3. Reduce operation and maintenance costs

4.Improve tone control to improve performance

5. Reduce installation and replacement time

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