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MAX Phase Powder: A Beautiful Cross-Border Combination Of Metal And Ceramics

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MAX phase material, the name sounds very bullish, and it feels like "king to dominate", which is more oppressive than the material called graphene. M in the MAX phase represents the transition metal element, A refers to the main group element, and X represents carbon or nitrogen. The substance composed of these elements belongs to the MAX phase material. Is this definition simple enough? But it is not easy to combine these elements into a ternary layered carbide or nitride. At present, this is a globally recognized problem in the field of modern material synthesis, but because this material has both excellent properties of metal materials and ceramic materials, such as excellent electrical conductivity, high toughness, good self-lubricating properties, and such Materials have been widely used in electrode brush material, high-temperature structural materials, high-temperature heating materials and chemical anti-corrosion materials. Therefore, they have become a hot topic for countries to compete for the highest point of material technology.

Titanium silicon carbide (Ti3SiC2) is an example of a proper market application in MAX materials. Titanium silicon carbide has excellent electrical and good thermal conductor properties like metal, comfortable to process, soft, not sensitive to impact, and high-temperature phenotype is plastic. It also has a ceramic-like functions with oxidation resistance and high-temperature resistances, and its high-temperature strength exceeds all high-temperature alloy. It can be called as a beautiful cross-border combination of metal and ceramics. At present, there are already many units in China that can mass produce this material and put it into industrial applications.

With the deepening of research and the breakthrough of preparation technology, the "family members" of MAX phase materials are continuously expanding, and their performance is continually breaking through. With the process of high-end equipment, miniaturization and intensive, the global demand for MAX phase materials is bound to grow explosively, and the spring of MAX phase materials has just arrived.

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