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The Development Prospects of Graphene

wallpapers Industry 2020-08-18

The research and application development of graphene continues to heat up. Graphene-related material are widely used in battery electrode materials, semiconductor devices, transparent displays, sensors, capacitors, transistors, etc. Given the excellent properties of graphene materials and their potential application value, a series of significant progress has been made in many disciplines such as chemistry, materials, physics, biology, environment, and energy. Researcher is committed to trying different methods in different fields to prepare high-quality, large-area graphene materials. And by continuously optimizing and improving the graphene preparation process, reducing the cost of graphene preparation so that its excellent material properties can be used more widely and gradually moving toward industrialization.

China also has unique advantage in graphene research. From a production perspective, graphite, which is a raw material for graphene production, has abundant energy storage and low prices in my country. It precisely sees the application prospects of graphene that many states have established graphene-related technology research and development centers to try to commercialize graphene, and then obtain potential application patents in the industry, technology, and electronics-related fields. For example, the European Commission regards graphene as a "Future Emerging Flagship Technology Project" and sets up a particular R&D plan to allocate 1 billion euros in the next ten years. The British government has also invested in

The Graphene Institute (NGI) is trying to make this material available from the laboratory to the production line and market in the next few decades.

Graphene is expected to become a new generation of the devices in many application fields. To explore the broader application fields of graphene, it is necessary to continue to seek more excellent graphene preparation processes for better applications. Although graphene has been synthesized and confirmed only a short ten years ago, it has become a hot spot for scholars this year. Its excellent optical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties have prompted researchers to continue to study it. With the continuous development of graphene preparation methods, graphene will be more widely used in various fields shortly.

The industrialization of graphene is still in its infancy, and some application is not enough to reflect the various "ideal" properties of graphene. Many researchers in the world are exploring "killer-level" applications. In the future, they need to face Too many challenges; we need to continue to innovate in means and methods.

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