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What are the advantages of ball bearings?

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Ball bearings are playing critical roles in various mechanical devices with moving parts, making it possible for components to move relative to each other with high efficiency and minimal friction. We can see ball bearings working everywhere such as bicycle, auto-mobile, motor and so on.
A ball bearing is a type of rolling element consisting of inner and outer rings — also called races —separated by a series of spherical balls. When radial or axial loads are applied to the bearing, movement is induced in either the inner or outer ring, causing the balls to rotate.
Ball bearings operate based on the simple premise that rolling produces a much lower coefficient of friction than sliding. In other words, objects will roll better than they slide. Ball bearings are used in numerous applications across various industries, making it possible to operate machinery without constant replacement due to wear and tear.

What are the advantages of ball bearings?
The bearing uses grease with higher dripping point (195 degree)
Large operating range temperature ( -40 ~ 180 degree)
Better sealing shield to prevent leaking of lubricant and avoid foreign particles entering the casing
Easy bearing replacement
Increase motor performance (less motor friction)
Bearing is easy available in the market
Less precaution during assembly
Cheaper cost for replacement.
How to choose a proper ball bearings for your devices?
Usually we need to read the instructions of devices to make sure the type and size of ball bearings. If you don’t know how to choose a proper ball bearing, please visit FAGbearings.cc and send an inquiry.
FAGbearings.cc aka ERIC BEARING LIMITED  is a leading bearing distributor in Asia with boast of high popularity among customers, with ball bearing products being exported to over 100 countries. FAGbearings.cc provides different types of branding ball bearings such as Sweden SKF Bearing, Germany FAG and INA Bearing, Japan NSK Bearing, Japan NTN  Bearing, Japan IKO Bearing,Japan KOYO Bearing,Japan NACHI Bearing and America  TIMEKN Bearing ,etc. If you are bothering about how to select a suitable ball bearing, please feel free to contact and get a quote.
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