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What are thrust ball bearings used for?

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Thrust ball bearings are composed of bearing balls supported in a ring. Thrust ball bearings are divided into flat seats or self-aligning seats according to the shape of the outer ring seat (bearing washer). They can withstand axial loads, but not radial loads. For one-way thrust ball bearings, stamped steel cages and machined brass cages are usually used. The cage of the two-way thrust ball bearing is the same as the cage of the one-way thrust ball bearing of the same diameter series.
Features of Thrust Ball Bearings:
There are two designs: unidirectional and bidirectional.
To accommodate the initial misalignment in the assembly, both designs can provide spherical alignment seats or alignment seat washers.
High-quality steel-ultra-clean steel can extend bearing life by up to 80%.
Advanced grease technology lubricants that extend grease life and performance.
High-quality ball-quiet and smooth operation even at high speed.
The optional seat ring will produce an initial deviation.
Thrust ball bearings cannot transmit any radial load. This type is easy to align and manufacturers often include spherical grooves on the housing gasket to reduce this possibility. Although they perform well in high-speed applications, their performance is affected under heavy loads.

Application range:
Fluid control valve
Machine table and spindle
Oil and gas turntable
Screw jack
Machine tool spindle tail stock
Vertical opening machine (spinning machine and loom)
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