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Why should we use thrust bearings?

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Thrust bearings are bearings designed with particular type of rotary. Like other bearings, they allow rotation between parts, but they are designed to withstand major axial loads.
There are several varieties of thrust bearings:
Thrust ball bearings consist of bearing balls supported in a ring and can be used in low thrust applications where the axial load is small.
Cylindrical thrust roller bearings consist of flat, small cylindrical rollers, the axis of which points to the axis of the bearing. They have a good load-bearing capacity and are cheap, but because the difference in radial speed and friction is higher than ball bearings, they are easy to wear.
Tapered roller thrust bearings consist of small tapered rollers, the shafts of these tapered rollers converge at a point on the bearing axis. The length, width, diameter of the narrow end and the angle of the roller need to be carefully calculated to provide the correct taper so that each end of the roller rolls smoothly on the bearing surface without slipping. These are the most commonly used types in automotive applications (for example, to support automobile wheels), and they are used in pairs to accommodate axial thrust and radial loads in either direction. Due to the larger contact area, they can withstand larger thrust loads than spheres, but the manufacturing cost is higher.
Spherical roller thrust bearings use spherical asymmetric rollers to roll in a domestic washing machine with a spherical internal raceway. They can withstand combined radial and axial loads, as well as shaft misalignment. They are usually used with radial spherical roller bearings. Spherical roller bearings provide the highest rated load density of all thrust bearings.
The axial thrust of the fluid bearing is supported on the thin pressurized liquid layer, so the resistance is small.
Magnetic bearings, where axial thrust is supported on the magnetic field. It is used in places where extremely high speed or extremely low resistance is required, such as Zippe type centrifuges.
Thrust bearings are commonly used in automotive, marine and aerospace applications. They are also used for RC (radio control) helicopter main rotor and tail rotor grips.
Thrust bearings are also used with radio antenna masts to reduce the load on the antenna rotator.

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