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Advanced functional materials: nanoparticle vaccine induces dendritic cell membrane lipid rafts recombination to promote rapid immune activation

wallpapers News 2020-10-04

therapeutic vaccine has become a new direction for the treatment of chronic diseases due to its high specificity persistence. The vaccine with immunogenicity can be obtained by chemical or physical combination of pathogenic molecular fragments immune vector. In the field of hypertension treatment Liao Yuhua research group of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital has developed the first antihypertensive vaccine targeting angiotensin II receptor type I (AT1R) in the world. Combined with the National Center for nanoscience Han Dong research group using Q β virus like particles as the vector coupled with AT1R short peptide fragment constructed the nanoparticle antihypertensive vaccine atr-np. Nanoparticles have become an important carrier of therapeutic vaccines because of their high biocompatibility strong immunogenicity. Compared with protein carrier vaccine nano vaccine has not only biological activity but also nanospace structure which has special nanomechanical effect when it contacts immune presenting cells. It is of great significance to underst how to develop this vaccine.

Dr. Hu Xiajun etc. with atr-np as the object with the help of atomic force microscopy high-resolution cell imaging technology have carried out in-depth exploration on the immunogenicity mechanism of Q β vector established the relevant physical model. The results showed that atr-np vaccine could effectively activate dendritic cells induce T cell immune response which was much better than the general protein carrier vaccine. Among them Q β vector plays an important role in the immunogenicity of atr-np. The activation of dendritic cells by atr-np is highly dependent on the membrane lipid raft domain. Q β nanospace structure makes it possible to make size matching contact with cell membrane surface. As observed in the study atr-np vaccine has high affinity with nanoscale membrane lipid rafts. At the same time the force interaction promotes the increase of lipid phase separation the recombination aggregation of lipid rafts. The aggregation of lipid rafts can be explained by nanomechanical model: spherical nanoparticles can induce cell membrane bending membrane curvature changes drive cholesterol rich membrane lipid rafts to gather in high curvature region. The aggregation of lipid rafts can form a larger functional platform promote the activation of tyrosine kinase other signal molecules play a role in rapid immune activation. The research of

expounded the influence of the space effect of nanoparticles on their immune activity indicating that the nano antihypertensive vaccine with Q β as carrier will have more advantages value in the future clinical application. At the same time compared with lig receptor activation Q β nanoparticles have more efficient rapid immunoregulation function which may become the theoretical basis research direction of Nanovaccine research development.

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