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Ammonia integrated technology leads the industry in energy efficiency

wallpapers News 2020-07-30

On March 17, Henan xinlianxin chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd. released information that since the implementation of key technologies for energy saving emission reduction of synthetic ammonia production system independently developed by the company, the effect of energy conservation emission reduction has been remarkable.

From 2010 to 2014, the consumption of raw coal per ton of ammonia decreased by 4.

93%, SO2 emission decreased by 43% from 628.

6 tons to 272.

6 tons, indicating that the process technology of xinlianxin in this field has reached the international advanced level.

In February this year, the project won the second prize of Henan Province Science Technology Progress Award in 2014.

"Synthetic ammonia is an important chemical raw material, also a key national energy consumption monitoring product.

At present, the overall capacity of synthetic ammonia in China is surplus, the energy consumption in the production process is high.

Through the research on Key Technologies of synthetic ammonia, xinlianxin has made the comprehensive consumption of products 14.

5% lower than the average level of the industry, the comprehensive energy consumption of products has been the lowest in the same industry for three consecutive years.

Xinlianxin has been rated as the energy efficiency leader of the national synthetic ammonia industry, is the environmental protection benchmarking enterprise established by the former State Environmental Protection Administration China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association.

" Liu xingxu, chairman general manager of xinlianxin company, told reporters.

Gu Zhaohui, manager of engineering technology research center of xinlianxin Co., Ltd., introduced to the reporter that the technology was independently developed by xinlianxin, the systematic research was mainly carried out in the four directions of gas generation, decarbonization, flue gas desulfurization ammonia synthesis section, the technology development was carried out by combining system simulation with field test.

In the gas making section, the researchers have developed a multi-mode control gasifier gas making device, developed a gasifier oxygen enriched gas production steam self-regulation device, which reduces the residual carbon content of coal slag, greatly improves the gas production capacity, the equipment is sealed reliably operates more safely.

In the flue gas desulfurization system, a special oxidation device mist removal desulfurization technology has been developed, which greatly improves the efficiency of boiler flue gas desulfurization, de marketing dust removal.

in the decarbonization section, starting from the computer simulation, combined with the field situation, on the basis of the traditional PSA pressure swing adsorption decarburization system, the six tower adsorption technology is realized at the same time.

In addition, the production efficiency of the synthetic tower has always been the bottleneck restricting the expansion of production capacity.

In view of the unreasonable process flow of the gas phase cooling separation at the outlet of the ammonia converter, the company developed the cooling device for the back system of the ammonia synthesis tower in combination with the field data.

in view of the poor circulating water quality high water consumption, the water replenishment method for the ammonia circulating water system was developed.

In order to make use of the effective components in a large amount of waste gas generated after the synthesis tower, the waste gas recovery separation system was developed, which not only reduced the waste of resources environmental pollution, but also obtained high value-added products.

"In 2009, the project achieved the first achievement transformation in the first branch of xinlianxin company, then research, application improvement were carried out at the same time.

In 2010, the project was transformed in the second third branch plants, which increased the production capacity of each branch plant reduced the energy consumption of ammonia products.

" Liu Wei, deputy manager of engineering technology research center of xinlianxin company, said that with the development of raw material structure adjustment project Xinjiang project, the key technology of ammonia synthesis in this project will be further promoted applied.

(China network of nitrogen fertilizer methanol technology).

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