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Analysis on the development trend of ethylene resin raw material in China

wallpapers News 2020-08-06
Although the production capacity of

is increasing (including coal chemical projects), China's ethylene dependence is still high, reaching 51%. The external dependence of synthetic resin was 28%. According to the Ministry of industry information technology, China's ethylene output in 2014 was 17.044 million tons, an increase of 7.6%; the output of synthetic resin was 69.507 million tons, an increase of 10.3%. The net import of ethylene equivalent was 18.6 million tons, up 2.6%; the import of synthetic resin was 32.153 million tons, up 2.9%. In the year of

, the ethylene production capacity was 800000 tons, the capacity under construction was 1 million tons. The production capacity of coal to olefins was 4.53 million tons (including 1.07 million tons of purchased methanol to olefins), with an increase of 78.3%; the output was 2.366 million tons, an increase of 31.4%. On the one h, the high-end products of

still rely heavily on imports. On the other h, the dem for bulk primary products slowed down, resulting in the main business profit of synthetic resin decreased by 16.5% to 26.62 billion yuan, with a profit margin of only 3.1%. The proportion of

ethylene differentiated products medium high-end products is relatively low, the downstream high-end products such as polyethylene special materials, polyethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), ethylene propylene rubber other high-end products are insufficient, the market development is not paid enough attention to. The raw materials department of the Ministry of industry information technology of

plans to strengthen the strategic guidance of planning in 2015, prepare the development plan of petrochemical industry in the 13th five year plan, optimize the layout of key industries such as ethylene, p-xylene (PX), diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), guide the orderly stable development of modern coal chemical industry. In the chemical industry one belt, one road, one joint development the Yangtze River Economic Belt will be implemented to foster new competitive advantages growth points. At the same time,

will also guide powerful enterprises to go abroad on a large scale, cultivate overseas bases such as coal chemical industry, improve the ability to guarantee resources energy, enhance the deep processing capacity of resource countries.

will also promote close cooperation with downstream industries. Exp the application of waterborne coatings, PVC polyurethane insulation materials in green buildings; vigorously develop electronic chemicals; exp the application of engineering plastics, high-performance fibers composite materials in high-end equipment.

predict that the petrochemical industry will maintain a stable development in 2015, with a slight increase in ethylene production, about 18 million tons.

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