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As a new kind of filling material the hollow glass microsphere has obvious advantages

wallpapers News 2021-04-23
As a new kind of filling material, the hollow glass microsphere has the following obvious advantages.
1. The density of hollow glass microspheres is small, the bulk density is 0.10~0.30g/cm, the actual density is 0.10~0.50g/cm, as a filler can significantly reduce the density of the material, so as to prepare low-density composite materials.
2. Hollow glass beads are smooth and round in shape, with isotropy and no sharp edges and corners, so there is no stress concentration phenomenon, which can effectively prevent stress cracking. Compared with other fillers, the specific surface area of spherical microspheres is the smallest, which means that the change of system viscosity is small with the increase of packing amount.
3. As the glass beads are smooth and have considerable crushing resistance, the viscosity of the curing reaction system is not great, the wear on the kneader and mold forming machine is small, and the fluidity in the flow passage and mold is good.
4. The expansion coefficient of hollow glass beads is small, the dispersion in the resin is good, and isotropic, so it can effectively reduce the shrinkage of products, prevent the bending and warping deformation of products caused by residual strain, so the dimensional stability of the products is high.
5. Good thermal stability, flame retardant, thermal decomposition temperature is greater than 1450℃, not easy to deformation, as a polymer filling material, can improve the flame retardant characteristics of the polymer, can be used in building materials and paint industry; Good electrical insulation can be used for all kinds of electrical switching equipment, instrument boards, electronic packaging materials packing; High chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, radiation resistance; Good transparency, can be used to make translucent products, glass beads can also absorb ultraviolet light, improve the light stability and reflectivity of products.
6. The bulk density is very small, as a polymer filler material, less than other mineral filler dosage, loading quality is small, save the amount of polymer, so it can reduce the cost of products.
Due to the excellent properties of hollow microspheres, they are used in many fields to enhance and improve the comprehensive properties of materials. At present, hollow microspheres have been widely used as fillers in the polymer matrix. Composite materials prepared by filling polymer matrix with hollow microspheres have good pressure resistance and low density, which can be used as buoyancy materials in the deep seas, such as structural materials for hull and ships, hoisting devices for offshore drilling, anchoring buoys for deep-sea operations, and traction buoys for underwater pipelines and cables. The hull and shell of the underwater vehicle, the traction materials of the underwater sonar array and the underwater platform, can also be made into standard buoyancy modules for various occasions requiring buoyancy.

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