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Chemical products strong "fight dad" seven varieties unilateral rise

wallpapers News 2020-11-07

took advantage of the sharp rise of overnight crude oil futures price, yesterday many domestic petrochemical varieties received red envelopes late for the year of the sheep. By the end of the day, chemical products accounted for seven of the top eight major contract growth varieties, Zhengzhou methanol futures hit the limit board with an increase of 3.99%.

are from Wenhua finance economics. Statistics show that the soaring oil price has stimulated the popularity of chemical products, with 1.33 billion yuan of funds pouring in yesterday. At present, the chemical industry sector has deposited as much as 9.95 billion yuan.

chemical products futures came out of the haze.

started the rebound of oil price at the end of January. After nearly a month, investors gradually believe that this time has really hit the bottom. And the domestic chemical futures, which had been completely damaged by the collapse of oil prices, have gradually stepped out of the haze, the futures prices have continuously set new stage highs.

from yesterday's trading, crude oil related varieties are close to unilateral rise. Among them, Zhengzhou methanol futures continued the unilateral upward trend since the middle of January, with the main 1506 contract held at a narrow range below 2300 yuan in the night trading. Yesterday, it made a sharp rise in the opening, touched the limit plate of 2348 yuan / ton at the end of the day, breaking the two--a-half-month high, rising by 3.99%. PTA opened a strong upward attack, touched 4982 yuan, then fell back, finally closed at 4936 yuan / ton, up 2.28%. PP opened high went high, closing up 2.79%. Since February, the cumulative increase has exceeded 16%. Even plastic plate station on the 9500 yuan level, 11 consecutive trading days closed positive line. Shanghai Rubber rose sharply, reaching a five month high of 14240 yuan.

closed. Later, statistics from Wenhua finance Economics showed that 1.33 billion yuan of funds poured into the chemical industry sector yesterday. At present, the chemical industry sector has nearly 10 billion yuan of deposited capital. In the commodity futures market, its gold absorption capacity is second only to that of non-ferrous metals. And the position of chemical plate also increased 447356 hs to 3971784 hs.

look forward to crude oil strongly promote

. According to the analysis of industry insiders, the current crude oil price in New York is at an important juncture of 60 day moving average. If the future market breaks through the 60 day moving average stabilizes, it will bring strong impetus to chemical futures.

as of 19:00 Beijing time on the 26th, the New York crude oil futures index closed at $54.56/barrel, down $0.51; the Brent crude oil futures index rose by $0.02 to $64.27/barrel.

data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) show that US crude oil inventories have increased for seven consecutive weeks, are the highest level since data were recorded in 1982. The EIA calculates that crude oil inventories are the highest in the same period in at least 80 years. As of February 20, the US crude oil inventory increased by 8.4 million barrels, the total inventory exceeded 430 million barrels. The oil inventory in Cushing area, which has attracted much attention from the market, has reached nearly 50 million barrels, an increase of 2.4 million barrels over the previous week. But lower than market expectations. However, bluford Putnam, chief economist of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, said on Wednesday that the downward pressure on oil prices is still strong, oil prices are not expected to rebound much in 2015 until the oversupply situation improves. The bottom of New York crude oil futures price is about $40-45 / barrel.

EIA also pointed out in a recent report that there is great uncertainty in global crude oil supply. The agency expects global crude oil inventories to continue to increase in 2015. However, due to the decline in drilling activities, the pressure of high inventory on oil prices will be slowed down. The average price of Brent crude oil this year is expected to be 58 US dollars / barrel, which is consistent with last month's forecast. According to the existing market supply dem structure, EIA expects that the oil price will remain relatively stable in the first half of this year, the global crude oil inventory will increase significantly. In the fourth quarter of this year, Brent's average price is expected to be $67 / barrel.

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