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Clear thinking of coking industry towards high quality and high efficiency

wallpapers News 2020-08-27
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China chemical industry news learned from the second plenary meeting of the 6th China Coking Industry Association held recently that the low growth low efficiency of China's coking industry has become the norm. To achieve high-quality efficient development, we must form the joint force of innovation upgrading. Industry insiders believe that at present, China's coking industry is facing the best opportunity to build an efficient industrial chain fine development.

it is understood that in the past three years, although the coking industry as a whole has made a little profit, the annual loss has been basically more than 40%. From January to November 2014, the accumulated losses of Enterprises above designated scale in coking industry in China were 3.7 billion yuan, 321 loss making enterprises totaled 16.2 billion yuan; the industry loss was as high as 49%, the operating efficiency survival conditions of independent coking enterprises were intensifying differentiation, the survival of the fittest was inevitable. Cui Pijiang, President of China Coking Industry Association of

, said in an interview with China chemical industry news that the reasons for this situation lie in the serious overcapacity of China's coking industry the prominent homogenization phenomenon; the industry chain is too short the added value of products is too low; enterprises are generally extensive in management lack of various talents. At the same time, the situation of energy conservation emission reduction in the industry is grim, some enterprises are in a critical situation.

Cui Pijiang said that the products or services provided by any enterprise are not only subject to its own production operation capacity, but also affected restricted by the upstream downstream related industries. Therefore, coking enterprises must learn to jump out of their own regional circles, use optimize the allocation of social resources, from competition to cooperation, from fighting alone to coordinated development of the whole industrial chain. He believes that the current is the best time to integrate build an efficient industrial chain. Relevant units in the coking industry must cooperate more closely, extensively effectively in the aspects of technology development application, lean management, internal external trade, investment financing, personnel training, etc., the coking plants independent coking plants of iron steel enterprises should also increase their cooperation in regional cooperation, industrial park cooperation, industry university research application cooperation Strong cooperation; cooperation within outside the industry, domestic international cooperation is also essential. The fine development of

coking industry has been explored for many years, some enterprises have gained experience experience. According to Qin Qingping, chairman of Shong Jinneng technology company, after years of exploration innovation, the company has realized the scientific integration of coking coal chemical industry fine chemical industry. At present, the company has formed an annual capacity of 3 million tons of coke, 300000 tons of coal tar processing, 150000 tons of carbon black, 80000 tons of white carbon black, 10000 tons of p-methylphenol, 25000 tons of sorbic acid potassium sorbate, has become an important production base of fine chemical products such as p-methylphenol, sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, etc. Qin Qingping said that in the next three to five years, Jinneng technology company will continue to develop coal tar deep processing, benzene hydrogenation other industries, strive to become an international first-class coking enterprise.

the person in charge of Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. told reporters that Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. adheres to supporting the iron steel industry develops downstream chemicals with high technology content high added value. At present, the company has an annual output of 2.8 billion cubic meters of coke oven gas, 750000 tons of tar, 215000 tons of crude benzene 910000 tons of various chemical products. The main products are more than 50 kinds of benzene, naphthalene, phenol, anthraquinone carbon black series. Among them, tar processing capacity ranks the fifth in the world the first in China.

expert opinion: only when

develop downstream can the operating rate be improved.

Secretary General of China Coking Industry Association Shi Yanfeng: in recent years, the experience of coking enterprises not losing money is to maintain a high operating rate. Higher operating rate can reduce the fixed cost per ton coke. However, the market capacity of coke has been basically fixed. In order to achieve high opening rate, one way is to use the surplus capacity of coking unit to produce chemical gasification coke, then produce natural gas in short supply. At the same time, there are a lot of coking by-products downstream chemical products. Wang Kejun, chairman of

Shanxi coke group: eliminating backward production capacity resolving excess capacity are problems faced by many industries. Shanxi coking industry has eliminated nearly 90 million tons of backward production capacity in 10 years, is now planning to increase the utilization rate of Shanxi coking industry capacity from 60% to more than 80% in a few years. To achieve this goal, coking industry must speed up the extension of the industrial chain, take a new way of fine development. Jing Xueren, general manager of

Shanxi Jinyang group Coking Co., Ltd.: in the past 10 years, the coking capacity of Shanxi Province has been dynamically controlled at 120 million tons, while the actual coking capacity is 140 million tons to 160 million tons. The average annual output is 86.2676 million tons. The average capacity utilization rate is below 60%, which is 74% lower than the national average operating rate, even lower than 78% of the international stard for excess capacity. The fixed cost of coking in Shanxi Province is generally about 170 yuan / ton. When the operating rate is 80%, the fixed cost is increased by 42 yuan / ton; when the operating rate is reduced to 70%, the fixed cost is increased by 72 yuan / ton; when the operating rate is maintained at 60%, the fixed cost is increased by 113 yuan / ton. In the future, it will be more more difficult for a single coking enterprise to survive. In order to improve the operating rate control the cost, it is necessary to develop downstream fine chemical industry deep processing.

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