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Detection of bearing operating status

wallpapers News 2021-01-19
Bearings are widely used in equipment, among which rolling bearings are the majority in use. Rolling bearings are widely used in equipment. The quality of rolling bearings is directly related to the operating status of rotating equipment. Therefore, it is an important part of equipment maintenance and management to do well in the actual work of rolling bearing state monitoring and fault diagnosis. Now that there are many low-quality bearings, it is inevitable that they will enter the enterprise and be installed on the equipment. The serious failures caused by these bearings are often sudden and catastrophic. Such as the sudden fracture of the bearing cage, the sudden fracture of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, etc.; these failures will cause the bearing to lock up and even cause the equipment to be scrapped. Therefore, in actual monitoring and diagnosis, it is necessary to diagnose the condition of rolling bearings as soon as possible and replace fake and inferior bearings in time to avoid major accidents.
Methods and key points of rolling bearing state detection
A practical method for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rolling bearings is vibration analysis. In practice, attention should be paid to the location and collection method of the measuring point. In order to truly and accurately reflect the vibration state of rolling bearings, attention must be paid to the accuracy of the collected signals. Therefore, the inspection point should be arranged at the place closest to the bearing. After a period of exercise, the vibration and noise maintain a certain level, the frequency spectrum is single, only one or two times the frequency, and the frequency spectrum above three times the power frequency rarely appears. The bearing state is very stable and enters a stable working period. After continuing to run and entering the later stage of use, bearing vibration and noise begin to increase, sometimes abnormal noise appears, but the increase in vibration changes slowly. At this time, the bearing kurtosis value suddenly reaches a certain value. We believe that at this time, the bearing appears to be an initial failure. At this time, it is required to closely monitor the bearing and pay close attention to its changes.
Bearings show late failure characteristics to severe failures, and most of the time do not exceed one week. The larger the equipment capacity, the faster the speed, and the shorter the interval time.

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