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Dimethyl ether enterprises explore the way of pure burning

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as a clean new energy, dimethyl ether production enterprises have been in trouble in the clamor of mixing dimethyl ether in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). At present, the operating rate of the industry is only less than 30%. How to apply dimethyl ether how to develop the downstream market of dimethyl ether have become very realistic urgent problems. Is pure burning of dimethyl ether a feasible development path? Can it open a market door for dimethyl ether production enterprises? Therefore, the reporter of China chemical industry news conducted an interview investigation.

mixed roads are no longer feasible


● four ministries commissions carry out special rectification activities

● leading liquefied gas enterprises promise

to the society

on March 7, 2008, the AQSIQ issued a notice clearly stipulating that dimethyl ether shall not be mixed into liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), that the use of dimethyl ether mixed fuel of dimethyl ether liquefied petroleum gas shall be special gas, special bottle special purpose. At the beginning of 2010, a large area of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) mixed with dimethyl ether (DME) occurred in Guangdong Province. The AQSIQ issued a document again, requiring all localities to strictly investigate deal with the mixing behavior of LPG. Since June of that year, the AQSIQ, together with the State Administration of industry commerce, the State Administration of safety supervision the state energy administration, jointly launched a special rectification action for mixing dimethyl ether with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carried out cleaning investigation actions in the market. This action severely frustrated the dimethyl ether industry caused a serious decline in the operating rate. After the operation of

, the blending of dimethyl ether in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has become the focus of quality safety supervision inspection in various places, even the focus of Public Security Bureau's crackdown. Some cities even set up reporting hotlines. On December 18 last year, the Shong Provincial Procuratorate, the provincial court the provincial public security department held a seminar on cracking down on the crime of illegally mixing dimethyl ether in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). They discussed communicated with each other on the application of law, the stard of evidence, the determination of the amount in hling such cases, reached an agreement that cracking down on this kind of crime with severity, quickness strictness will be carried out on LPG We should crack down on the criminal situation of illegally mixing dimethyl ether in China, strive to narrow down the scope of crime. From the beginning of 2009 to December 2013, 23 suspect were illegally mixed with two methyl ether in liquefied petroleum gas in Binzhou, Shong province. 21 people were detained in criminal cases, 4 criminal gangs were destroyed, 570 tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) mixed with two methyl ether were seized, the amount involved was more than 1000 million yuan.

on March 22 this year, Yantai Huitong Gas Development Co., Ltd., Qingdao taineng Liquefied Gas Co., Ltd., Jinan blue light gas Co., Ltd., Weihai Gas Co., Ltd., Zibo lvtongge Shiwan Gas Co., Ltd. other five influential liquefied stone oil gas business enterprises in Shong Province jointly signed a letter of commitment on integrity management, which publicly promised to the community: never liquefy Dimethyl ether or other mixed gases are added into petroleum gas products. 95% of the production of

dimethyl ether is used for civil gas. Due to the government's crackdown the boycott of large-scale liquefied gas enterprises, dimethyl ether has been basically unsalable in the LPG market, the dem has been greatly depressed. Many enterprises have reported to the reporter of China chemical industry news that "the goods can't be sold", the warehouses of enterprises will exp as soon as they start, many enterprises are in the state of stopping production or semi stopping production. A dimethyl ether production enterprise in Hebei Province has a production capacity of 2000 tons per day, only a few hundred tons have been opened, so the production is difficult to operate normally. Zeng Xiangzhao, senior engineer of

Guangdong Yingquan Steel Products Co., Ltd., said that the road of mixing dimethyl ether with coal was no longer feasible. If it continued to burn, it would be like crossing a single wooden bridge, it would fall down at any time. However, as a kind of clean energy, dimethyl ether can find its own position in the industrial civil fields by pure combustion.

actively exp the development application of dimethyl ether other green fuels in automobiles, which is of strategic significance to alleviate the contradiction between oil supply dem in China, ensure energy security environmental protection. The picture shows the DME buses gas stations put into operation in Shanghai.

still have a market for civilian use


● DME has cost performance advantage


● demonstration promotion to do a good job of convenient service

Zeng Xiangzhao introduced that dimethyl ether itself contains oxygen, so the dem for air during combustion will be relatively reduced. The theoretical air volume for DME combustion is 6.96 m3 / kg, the theoretical air volume for lpg combustion is 11.32 m3 / kg, the air volume for DME is only 61.5% of that of LPG. If DME is added to LPG more than 20%, if the stove remains unchanged, the amount of air needed for combustion will be excessive. Therefore, there will be a phenomenon that the flame will move yellow flame or cut off fire, sometimes it will emit "different" phenomenon. Dimethyl ether is used in civil use, which requires special cookers. The calorific value of

dimethyl ether is equivalent to 60% of that of liquefied gas. For a family of three the same 15 kg steel cylinder, according to the same thermal efficiency, liquefied gas can be used for 30 days, dimethyl ether can be used for 24 days. The market price of dimethyl ether is close to 4000 yuan / ton, the price of liquefied petroleum gas is 7000 yuan / ton. According to the current price, there is still a cost-effective advantage in DME pure burning to replace liquefied petroleum gas some areas where pipeline natural gas cannot be used. Users will definitely recognize accept pure burning dimethyl ether after getting substantial benefits.

Yunnan Jiehua clean energy development Co., Ltd. has been promoting pure dimethyl ether combustion since 2009. In order to let more urban residents underst use dimethyl ether as living fuel, the marketing department of the company organizes professionals to conduct DME gas demonstration publicity in agricultural markets, residential areas other places, so that citizens can have a good combustion performance, complete combustion, no black smoke, no exhaust gas safety environment The characteristics of Baotou have been fully understood understood, which has laid a foundation for the promotion work. For the newly built communities, the company took the initiative to take preferential measures to promote the use of clean environmentally friendly fuel dimethyl ether gas, carried out door-to-door installation of dimethyl ether stove gas cylinders other convenient beneficial services. Liu Jianfei, manager of alcohol ether Business Department of

decontamination chemical branch company, told China chemical news that dimethyl ether has been widely used in large-scale catering, hotels, schools, urban residents other domestic fuel markets in 11 counties (cities) including Kunming, Qujing, Yuxi, Honghe, Wenshan, Chuxiong Dali. In order to ensure the safety of dimethyl ether users, Jiehua company also regularly organized a safety inspection team to conduct spot checks on dimethyl ether cylinders, pressure reducing valves, rubber tubes, cookers the use environment of users, to check whether the safety distance between the user's cylinder the stove meets the requirements, whether the rubber hose is aged, whether the safety distance between the user's cylinder the cooker meets the requirementsAfter that, we supervised the rectification, which laid a foundation for the stable development of dimethyl ether in the civil gas market.

depolymerization companies adopt the operation mode of unified management of cylinder, unified transportation distribution, regional exclusive agent in DME pure firing, which is one of the main reasons for the continuous expansion of pure firing market. In order to make dimethyl ether enter into five-star hotels, the new era business department of Kunming dimethyl ether distributor Yunnan hanlian Gas Co., Ltd. has designed a dimethyl ether gas supply system for the five-star hotel Jianshui Lin'an hotel. The gas is supplied by bottle group pipeline. The hotel has more than 30 dimethyl ether stoves of various sizes; There are more than 10 groups of dimethyl ether steamers disinfection cabinets, which require about 5 tons of dimethyl ether per month, which lays a foundation for the application of dimethyl ether in hotels in Kunming, Yuxi other places. At present, the annual sales volume of dimethyl ether of the company is about 150000 tons.

to replace coal for boilers usher in opportunities

● small coal-fired boilers are facing elimination of

● exping the industrial field to burn

At present, there are 276000 boilers (60MW) under 10 tons in use in China, accounting for 70% of the total number of coal-fired boilers in China, the consumption of coal is 170 million tons. Due to the low height of chimney high emission concentration, it has a great impact on the environmental air quality become the main air pollution source. Last year, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a document requiring that by the end of 2015, all coal-fired boilers tea baths with a capacity of 10 steam tons per hour or less should be eliminated replaced by clean energy in Beijing Tianjin Hebei its surrounding areas at prefecture level above, except those that are necessary to be retained. The new national stard, which was implemented on July 1, requires that coal-fired boilers below 10 t / h need to be retrofitted with oil-fired gas-fired boilers.

last year, Yunnan special equipment safety inspection research institute once inspected 1 T / h dimethyl ether boiler. The test report shows that the boiler output, positive balance efficiency average thermal efficiency equivalent indicators of DME industrial boiler gasification device meet the national low-carbon economic stards. Under full load operation for one hour, the carbon dioxide emission of coal-fired boiler is 337 kg, while that of dimethyl ether gas is only 172 kg, there is no sulfur dioxide emission, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%. Compared with oil fired boilers,

still have good performance price ratio. The highest combustion temperature of DME is 1800 ℃ for diesel oil 2250 ℃ for DME gas. From the economic point of view, the market price of diesel oil per ton is as high as 8000 yuan, the price is not controllable, while the market price of dimethyl ether per ton is less than 4000 yuan. At present, the domestic production capacity of dimethyl ether is over 10 million tons, the market supply is sufficient, the price is stable.

Shong Qingzhou Longyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. chief engineer Guo Shengyu calculated a detailed account for the reporter. Taking 1 ton / hour boiler as an example, it consumes 80 cubic meters of natural gas per hour, which is 360 yuan; 0.058 tons of liquefied gas per hour, 365.4 yuan; compared with natural gas, the cost is increased by 5.4 yuan / hour, increasing by 46600 yuan per year; The consumption of dimethyl ether per hour was 0.093 tons, which was 348.75 yuan. Compared with natural gas, the cost was reduced by 11.25 yuan / hour 97200 yuan per year. Compared with natural gas liquefied gas, dimethyl ether (DME) has cost-effective advantages in industrial dyes.

Zeng Xiangzhao further introduced that a 4 T / h steam boiler uses pure dimethyl ether, the working pressure of the boiler is 1.25mpa, the heating capacity of the boiler is 2.8MW, the liquid low calorific value of dimethyl ether is 28.44mj/kg. Due to the oxygen content of dimethyl ether itself, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is 88.2%. Therefore, the air consumption of dimethyl ether in one hour the weight of dimethyl ether in a 4-ton / hour boiler for one hour are equivalent to eight bottles 50 kg of liquefied dimethyl ether. If the dimethyl ether production enterprises change their operation mode exp the pure burning in the industrial field, the sales volume of the enterprises will increase, the dimethyl ether industry will move towards a virtuous circle. The expansion application of

need to be guided

● asphalt tank car heating reduces smoke loss

● kiln fuel can improve ceramic quality

● dimethyl ether drying furnace is welcomed by coking enterprises

● heat pump refrigerant market has a good prospect

dimethyl ether can be used in asphalt tank car heating. Yunnan clean energy technology equipment Co., Ltd. Kunming University of science technology have done experiments, using dimethyl ether to replace diesel oil. Through comparative analysis, it is concluded that dimethyl ether has high heat utilization rate. For small volume asphalt tank cars, low heating temperature can reduce smoke loss reduce toxic harmful substances in combustion smoke. For large volume asphalt tank car, high heating temperature can shorten heating time. Using dimethyl ether not only reduces the cost, but also has higher safety, environmental protection cost performance than diesel oil.

use dimethyl ether as the fuel of ceramic kiln. Because dimethyl ether does not contain sulfur other impurities, the product is fine in texture, bright in color, the rate of excellent products is greatly increased, which not only saves fuel costs, but also improves product quality. At present, most ceramic manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong other places use coal to gas as the main fuel, which has the disadvantages of low thermal efficiency, large dust emission, serious air pollution high sulfur dioxide content. Dimethyl ether is better than coal liquefied petroleum gas. The dimethyl ether produced by Yunnan Jiehua has been applied in 56 ceramic factories, the qualified purple pottery products have been successfully fired. All the process indexes have met the requirements.

oven drying is an important complex process before coke oven is put into operation. Yunnan Luxi Dawei Coking Co., Ltd. pioneered the use of dimethyl ether for oven drying. Yue Hong, the engineer of the company, introduced that compared with the conventional fuel diesel oil, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, etc., the reference price of heat energy, storage, combustion characteristics, thermal efficiency, control characteristics, environmental protection performance other aspects are discussed Comprehensive analysis shows that dimethyl ether is the best choice, the fuel cost is the lowest. The gas making system of

is very simple. It can not only realize the automatic control of the oven, but also ensure the quality of the oven, the furnace temperature control is very convenient. The total cost of dimethyl ether drying furnace is low, the process operation is simple, the degree of automation is high, the quality of drying furnace is good. At present, Yunnan Kungang Shizong coal coke chemical Co., Ltd. also uses dimethyl ether oven, which has played a good demonstration role, many coking enterprises have followed suit. The promising application fields of

dimethyl ether also include the application of low medium temperature heat pumpcryogen. At present, most of the heat pumps used in industry are medium low temperature heat pumps, few of them can provide 70-100 ℃ working fluid. In many fields, such as material drying, medical hot water, heating oil gas heating viscosity reduction in the petroleum industry, the medium high temperature heat pump has a very considerable application prospect, the key to the application of medium high temperature heat pump with suitable refrigerants. The vaporization latent heat value of DME at stard atmospheric pressure is very high, which is more than twice that of R134a refrigerant. Under the same heating capacity, DME has small mass flow rate small charging capacity. Meanwhile, DME has very good environmental protection performance, GWP (greenhouse effect potential value) ODP (ozone depletion potential value) are close to zero.

Liu Xuewu, associate professor of Huo Yingdong Research Institute of Hong Kong University of science technology of

, introduced that with the increase of condensation temperature, the energy efficiency ratio of R22 R134a refrigerants drops rapidly, while the performance of dimethyl ether is very stable, it has better performance at high temperature. At the same condensation temperature, the compression ratio of dimethyl ether is also lower than R134a, which can be directly replaced in the compressor system using R134a The high temperature compressor of the middle generation does not need to be improved.

Guo Shengyu, chief engineer of

Shong Qingzhou Longyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., believes that dimethyl ether, as a new energy source of environmental protection energy conservation, can be used as a heat source in a wide range of applications, such as steel forging heating, tire production, metal products heat treatment, gas central air conditioning, industrial paint baking epoxy resin powder heating curing, gasifier drying, chemical reaction heat absorption device There's a big use for waiting. Industry insiders believe that the production application of dimethyl ether restrict each other. Only by continuously guiding the market through various forms of dimethyl ether production management enterprises making users in the application field aware of the advantages of dimethyl ether, can the application be continuously exped the market dem be improved. "

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