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Domestic bromine price will change in the near future

wallpapers News 2020-09-25

on March 26, Abbott announced that the price of bromine its derivatives would increase by 30%, which was the same as that of Israel chemical group in November 2014 the price increase of Keju bromine on February 3, 2015, which was rarely seen in the past. In the increasingly reduced resources today, how to make the bromine chemical industry sustainable healthy development, still need to be taken care of by colleagues.

in the first quarter of 2015, the bromine industry was facing a good multi-level development. At the same time, affected by the international economic climate, the industry's pessimism has been spreading, the bromine price has dropped slightly after the festival. In mid March, with the increase of downstream operating rate, the balance between supply dem of bromine was broken, bromine enterprises had strong intention to raise prices.

imported bromine from January to February decreased by nearly 3000 tons on a year-on-year basis. This is the normal strategy that the three major companies intend to reduce the impact of import then reduce the reaction of domestic enterprises to their original market due to weak prices. It is judged that the strategy will run through the whole year of 2015. The strike of

Israeli chemical group workers continued, there is still no timetable to resume work. At the beginning of the year, the company has intended to reduce the supply of bromine to its contracted customers, it remains to be seen whether the reduction will continue as the strike continues. Due to orders, the company has begun to purchase downstream products of bromine worldwide, thus breaking the original balance of supply dem. Koguya was also affected by the strike by Israeli workers. The crisis of

in the Arabian Peninsula is intensifying, the withdrawal of overseas Chinese from China is imminent. With the deepening of the war, the import control of bromine will be hard affected in the next few months. The whole industry chain of

has been de stocked in 2014. Each link has been crowded to fill the inventory recently, the dem will suddenly increase. It is expected that in the next one or two months, the dem for tetrabromobisphenol A will accelerate lead to bromine consumption. The negative factor is that with the warmer weather, the domestic bromine production tends to be normal. Whether seawater bromine can impact the market at a low price remains to be seen. However, due to the difference between bromine quality brine bromine, its audience will be limited.

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