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Energy and chemical sectors will remain strong in March

wallpapers News 2020-09-30
According to the latest data provided by

China Commodity Development Research Center (CDRC), the commodity confidence index (CCI) in March 2015 was 0.02. The commodity market confidence index is positive, indicating that most market participants are optimistic about the trend of the commodity market in March, the market confidence has begun to return to a benign track (CCI in February was - 0.38). Liu Xintian, Secretary General of

CDRC, analyzed that the performance of bulk commodity market in March will continue to improve compared with January February; from the perspective of CCI of different industries in March, the energy chemical industry sectors will remain strong, while the steel textile sectors will not escape the weakness, the building materials colored boards may have a market; In April, CCI is still expected to close above the boom bust line. However, given that the economy is in a downshift period commodities are in recession, it is difficult for CCI to be positive for many consecutive months. In May, CCI may return to the boom bust line. In the sample of

CDRC's survey on the trend of commodity market in March 2015, 34 people were bullish, 32 were bearish 34 were flat. There was no significant difference among the three groups. Although market confidence was significantly restored compared with last month (15 were bullish, 53 were bearish 32 were flat), there were still many people who were cautious about the market in March. Among the respondents, Yang Ju, Professor of Shanghai University of international business economics, Liu Zuohang of rubber Valley supply chain Co., Ltd., Du Mingyan of Dagong international credit rating Co., Ltd. all looked at the commodity market in March, while Wang Dongsheng, a Shanghai shipping price trading company, Wang Fei, a China Inspection Group, were bearish on the market in March The market will continue to adjust downward. Jiang Lin of Xinhu futures Gu Fengda of Guoxin futures are bullish on the market in March. They think that the market has been basically in place after more than half a year's adjustment, will usher in a rise in March.

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