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Experts call for rational treatment of PX project: heavy dependence on import

wallpapers News 2020-12-01

last year, China consumed 17.66 million tons of PX (xylene) imported 9.08 million tons Cao Xianghong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering director of the National Technical Committee for stardization of petroleum products lubricants, told China business daily, "from PX to polyester fiber then to chemical fiber, our country's original complete industrial chain is now blocked."

in fact, PX is also the main material guarantee to improve the quality of China's oil products. According to experts, the catalytic reforming process for the production of low toxic substance PX not only produces clean aromatics (PX is one of aromatics) to improve the quality of gasoline, but also produces cheap hydrogen essential for desulfurization. "If the refinery doesn't even have an aromatics complex, then it can hardly complete the refining chemical upgrading task." The problem of

is that the large chemical industry represented by PX has long been a "rat in the street" in China. It is still difficult to reach a consensus on the PX issue between the local governments who advocate large-scale projects ordinary people who are aware of environmental protection.

PX is a blessing? Is it a disaster? When

talk about PX project, people will encounter a great flood.

have successively launched PX projects in Dalian, Kunming, Pengzhou Xiamen, encountering boycotts from the surrounding people, which has directly caused the situation that PX relies heavily on imports in recent years.

reporters have learned that while China's PX project has been stalled or shut down due to frequent mass incidents, major PX producers in Asia, including Hyundai oilbank SK in South Korea, Kosmo oil company in Japan sun oil company in Japan, have implemented a PX capacity expansion plan with a scale of more than 5 million tons, its main market is China. According to the data of

, 10 million tons of PX capacity will be built in the world by 2015, with the vast majority of production capacity concentrated in China's surrounding countries.

consumed 17.66 million tons of PX in China last year, imported 9.08 million tons. In order to change the situation that China's PX is highly dependent on foreign countries, both the government enterprises have launched the public promotion of PX security, hoping that the society can have a correct understing of such projects. Recently, Cao Xianghong said that PX was directly related to cancer without scientific data. This indirectly supports China's new PX project.

were immediately attacked by opposition voices even personal attacks.

"I came out to tell the truth tell the truth for PX, but after that, someone scolded me immediately." Cao Xianghong told reporters, "as a scientific technological worker trained by the party for many years, I have the responsibility to tell you what I know about science technology."

in the PX research, Cao Xianghong is one of the most influential scholars, "because I have worked in petrochemical enterprises for more than 30 years, organized the production maintenance of PX equipment, organized technical innovation, no accident occurred." Among them, "Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical is the earliest PX project in China, it is still in production."

in addition, when China's PX projects are going down one after another, "Japan South Korea are trying their best to build factories. Now Shengsheng has cut off the head of our PX industrial chain, from PX to polyester fiber then to chemical fiber." Cao Xianghong said. The development Reform Commission of

urged the PX project. The government attitude of

to PX project can be seen in early 2014.

after the national development Reform Commission cancelled the approval of PX reconstruction expansion projects in 2013, in 2014, the State Council issued the list of government approved investment projects, the national development Reform Commission adjusted the approval policy for new PX projects, delegated the approval authority to provincial local governments.

in the "2014 catalogue of investment projects approved by the government issued by the State Council" published by the national development Reform Commission, the reporter found that the national development Reform Commission once again adjusted the approval policy for new PX projects, delegated the approval authority to the provincial government. The person in charge of the industry department of the development Reform Commission of

confirmed to reporters that the approval right of PX project has indeed been delegated to the provincial government. When the reporter asked whether there have been several projects to be approved, the person in charge of the industry department did not give a clear position. According to the relevant data of

, PX project is approved by the provincial government in accordance with the petrochemical industry planning layout plan approved by the State Council.

"PX itself is safe for the surrounding communities, the NDRC is obviously right to do so." Yang Jianfeng, a professor at Beijing University of chemical technology, who has participated in the construction of several PX projects in China, told reporters, "at present, there are misunderstings about PX in China. PX is the same as other petrochemical projects."

while the national development Reform Commission (NDRC) has delegated the project approval authority, which is in sharp contrast to the difficulty in launching PX project.

when referring to whether PX projects will be launched in a centralized manner, Yang Jianfeng said, "at present, the market performance of petrochemical industry is not good, so there will be no large-scale investment for PX construction."

are the same as Cao Xianghong. Yang Jianfeng also believes that PX project has been misunderstood by the public.

"I think the current one-sided understing of PX in the society has been deliberately misled by foreign interest groups other factors." Yang Jianfeng said, "there are many chemicals with the same or similar nature as Px, but only PX project has been subject to conflict, obviously there is a main motivation behind it." Yang Jianfeng of

believes that the core problem of this motivation lies in "among the chemical products, only Px, China's production capacity is insufficient, a large number of imports are needed. For other chemical products, China can achieve self-sufficiency. As a result, only PX project is launched with the greatest opposition, which obviously touches the interests of Japanese Korean enterprises.". China has no say in

. At present, China's dependence on PX imports exceeds 50%. The data of

from PTA other industry associations show that at the end of 2014, Huizhou refining chemical plant with a production capacity of 840000 tons in Huizhou was still in shutdown state; Zhenhai Refining chemical plant was shut down for maintenance; Tenglong aromatics production capacity of 1.6 million tons of PX unit was operating at low load. At present, the domestic PX operating rate was about 70%, but the import source of p-xylene was large.

according to Customs Statistics
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