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Global styrene rises sharply, and enterprises and operators make huge profits

wallpapers News 2020-11-23

entered 2015, the trend of Styrene Market in Asia, Europe the United States is gradually out of touch with crude oil. Especially since the Spring Festival in China, the market has been dominated by supply dem, the market has risen rapidly. The profit space of production enterprises has gradually become rich, most of the cargo holders have also made huge profits. (take the market from before the Spring Festival to March 13 in China as an example. China takes East China market as an example, Asia takes FOB Korea as an example, Europe takes FOB ara as an example, the United States takes FOB US Gulf as an example. )The trend of

styrene market is different from that of crude oil. In the past quarter of 2015, crude oil consolidation declined, while the overall styrene market showed an upward trend, the trend of styrene deviated from the crude oil market.

The market growth of

is concentrated in the Spring Festival after the festival. Since 2015, the styrene market has been improved the growth rate is gratifying. However, the main styrene market has continued to consolidate before the Chinese Spring Festival, with a small increase. However, the Styrene Market in Asia, Europe, America China during the period from the Spring Festival after the festival to March 13 (i.e. February 18-march 13) has seen a sharp rapid rise The raw material growth rate market digestion speed are far lower than the styrene growth rate, which makes the styrene market production enterprises most cargo holders in February into a rich profit space. The price difference between

pure benzene styrene is huge, which leads to the huge profit margin of global styrene production enterprises.


led to a sharp rise in the market from the end of February to the beginning of March. The main factors are: centralized maintenance of production facilities in Asia from March to June (with a total capacity of about 4.7 million tons / year above); the centralized maintenance of production facilities in Europe in April (about 1.32 million tons / year); 2. The opening of arbitrage between Asian European markets, especially the long-term opening of European American arbitrage; the rapid start-up of downstream market; In futures markets, there were heavy short filling operations, the holding companies were reluctant to sell, the market prices were tight; various strategies adopted by various countries gradually took effect gradually; with the market digestion of the early bad, the good stage of the market volatilized, the deep drop of crude oil led to the "spring spring effect" after long-term depression of the market; in the first quarter, the market participants were more abundant; so on, which led to the rapid development of styrene market With the rapid growth, market production enterprises mainstream operators have entered into rich profit margins, followed by the growth of market profit understing operation "bag dropping for safety" psychology. In the first quarter, the market will gradually tend to sort out, digest the market growth, reserve various driving forces for future market changes.

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