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Many new areas are regarded by coal miners

wallpapers News 2020-08-16

coal market real estate market continued to be weak, energy Golden Triangle "borrowing coal transformation" to be tested

many regions regard coal chemical industry as a new h,


, "coal commer-in-chief" development model once let this so-called "energy Golden Triangle" coal concentration area experienced "golden decade", at the same time, it also induced the crazy development of the corresponding regional real estate. However, with the continuous fall of coal prices, the once hot "energy Golden Triangle" region is also depressed, a large number of real estate discount dumping phenomenon appear.

have gone from endless scenery to declining due to coal, the "Golden Triangle of energy" is facing a difficult choice. Whether to "rescue the market" in the short term through government regulation or conduct a comprehensive reshuffle through market mechanism is still unknown in the view of boss Zhang, who has witnessed the rise fall of coal owns several coal mine shares.

. Under the background of China's economic slowdown the continuous decline of coal prices, the "energy Golden Triangle" as the gathering place of western resources (14.33, - 0.40, - 2.72%) must be repositioned under the new economic normal, so as to realize the transformation. Li Chaolin, a coal expert, noted that the coal chemical industry is becoming the main direction of self-help in the above-mentioned regions, but the international oil price has plummeted the prospect of self-help is not good.

declined because of coal price. Since 2007, Yulin in Shaanxi Province Ordos (10.37, - 0.24, - 2.26%) in Inner Mongolia have become the fastest growing regions in the region even the whole country due to coal resources. At the same time, the coal mining in Yulin Erdos has become the main driving force of industrial growth; with the rapid development of the local real estate industry, Yulin Ordos have both surpassed Xi'an Hohhot. However, when the "golden decade" of coal is over, the real estate industry in these areas will fall. According to the data of

of China Coal Industry Association, in the first half of 2014, the loss of coal enterprises has exceeded 70%; among them, 70% of coal enterprises have reduced wages, 30% of coal enterprises have paid wages in arrears, 20% of coal enterprises' wages have decreased by more than 10%.

but in the view of the owners of the above coal mine advocates, the operating conditions of coal enterprises may be far worse than the statistics of the coal industry association. Mr. Zhang told China Business Daily that he once held shares in several coal enterprises, but now these coal enterprises are in a state of production suspension, they are no longer prosperous.

Mr. Zhang judged that with the increasing pressure on environmental protection, the dem for coal will gradually decrease, so there is not much room for coal price recovery; on the other h, boss Zhang also said that in 2014, except for a few large coal enterprises such as Shenhua, Zhongmei Yankuang, all the remaining coal enterprises were in deficit. He said that in reality, the salary reduction of coal enterprise employees has become the main means of reducing losses of coal enterprises, it is not ruled out that there will be large-scale layoffs in the later stage.

later, our reporter visited a number of coal enterprises in Shaanxi Inner Mongolia, learned that in 2014, these enterprises had almost all-round wage cuts, the largest wage reduction rate was even more than 30%. The depression of

coal markets is also making the local economy of the above-mentioned regions very ugly.

according to the latest statistical data of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, in 2014, the economic growth rate of Yulin city was only 9%, which was several times higher than the economic growth rate of more than 20% in the peak period of coal. Similarly, the economic growth rate of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi other coal provinces cities has dropped to single digit.

at the beginning of 2015, our reporter investigated the real estate market in Yulin area, heard the most words that "all the money earned in the coal market was lost in the real estate market".

Mr. Li runs a real estate company a resource replacement company in Yulin city. The so-called resource replacement company simply means bartering, for example, property can be used to replace luxury cars or even coal mine shares. He told reporters that the reason why the housing prices in Yulin are falling rapidly is mainly due to the depression of the coal market, which makes the real estate lack of stamina, because most developers in Yulin are more or less involved in the coal business, so the real estate market also began to decline after the coal price went down. The phenomenon of

, which drag down the coal market due to the decline of coal price, also appears in Ordos. According to public reports, in the golden age of coal market, the number of people in Dongsheng old city increased by hundreds of thouss over the years, which made the housing prices rise. The new real estate construction started in 2009 has been maintained at a high level, but by 2012, the coal price dropped sharply, the corresponding real estate investment also fell sharply, resulting in the new real estate construction rate of Ordos was 0 in 2013.

"don't talk about the real estate market in Erdos. Take a look at the uncompleted residential buildings know how depressed the real estate market is now." At the beginning of 2015, an Erdos citizen said. In the first half of 2014, the GDP growth rates of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia Shaanxi were 6.1%, 7.6% 9.7%, respectively, which were 2.9%, 1.4 1.3 percentage points lower than the same period in 2013. Therefore, the economic stall of large coal provinces has become a fact must be transformed.

Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences Zhang Baotong other regional economic researchers told our reporter that in the context of the sluggish coal dem, the coal market may continue to be depressed for a long time. As a coal gathering area like Yulin Ordos, it is necessary to take the road of industrial upgrading transformation, but is there any difference in these areas except for coal oil resources Therefore, coal oil are indispensable to the transformation.

our reporter found that among the 70 major provincial comprehensive reform projects announced by Shanxi Province in 2014, the top ten are all related to coal. In addition, in the No.1 document of the 2014 action plan of comprehensive supporting reform experiment of national resource-based economic transformation in Shanxi Province, promoting the market-oriented allocation of coal resources deepening the reform of coal coalbed methane management system are listed in the top two major reform projects.

"kdIn the same way, Shaanxi Province has also put forward the "three modernizations" measures for coal transformation upgrading, namely, "raw coal to electric power, coal power to energy carrying industry, kerosene, gas salt to chemical products".

at the beginning of 2015, Lu Zhiyuan, mayor of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, said when listening to the 2015 plan of Yulin development Reform Commission, it is necessary to fully underst adapt to the new economic normal, so as to realize transformation upgrading, quality efficiency improvement of Yulin economy under the new normal. On the other h, Lu Zhiyuan also said that it is necessary to unswervingly promote industrial growth, accelerate the pace of industrial transformation upgrading according to the idea of "focusing on coal transformation, focusing on scale transformation, focusing on scale deep processing", so as to make Yulin a regional center city bordering Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia Shanxi. Similar expressions of

have almost become the main contents of government reports of many cities in the energy golden triangle. According to the above-mentioned observers, in the view of many local governments, "coal borrowing transformation" is simply the local transformation of resources, namely coal chemical industry.

through sorting out the large-scale coal chemical projects in many provinces in 2014, our reporter found that in 2014, with the continuous decline of international crude oil price, the coal chemical industry as a whole was in a downturn, especially the coal to liquid project even lost money as soon as it was put into operation.

, a deputy general manager of a large coal chemical project, told our reporter that although in 2015, the oil price had completed two consecutive rises entered the era of 6 yuan, the international oil price was still hovering at a low level, which means that the advantages of coal chemical products in the oil market are not obvious; in addition, the implementation of the new "environmental protection law" in 2015, the environmental protection requirements for coal chemical enterprises are more more Strict, this also greatly increased the input cost of coal chemical industry. Therefore, this person is not optimistic about the practice of borrowing coal for economic growth in large coal resource provinces.

, however, in 2015, the annual investment of coal chemical projects in Shaanxi Province still exceeded 20 billion yuan. In the

interviews, local officials from Ordos, Yulin, Datong, Baotou, Ningdong other regions in Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia Shanxi said that the transformation of coal chemical industry has become an inevitable choice. However, the prospect of "coal borrowing transformation" in these regions remains to be observed. "

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