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Minister of environmental protection: support the construction of PX project according to law

wallpapers News 2020-09-08

on March 7, the press center of the third session of the 12th National People's Congress held a press conference in the multifunctional hall of Medea center. Chen Jining, Minister of environmental protection, answered questions from Chinese foreign journalists on the relevant issues of "comprehensively strengthening environmental protection".

answered the question "how can the Ministry of environmental protection dispel the public's doubts reassure the people that these projects built around are safe?" Chen Jining said that PX is a very important industrial technology industry, it is necessary to support the legal construction of these facilities.

Chen Jining said: "at the graduation ceremony of Tsinghua University last year, I specially praised Tsinghua students for upholding the PX entry. We should pay attention to this spirit of adhering to scientific truth. With the improvement of public awareness of environmental protection, people's awareness of protecting their environmental rights interests is also increasing. In this process, there will be some interest dems. In fact, this problem is not only found in China, but also in the development of other countries in the world. English is called "not in my back yard". We call it NIMBY effect. If this matter is not hled properly, it will cause mass incidents, affect the credibility of the government, even exp an environmental problem into a social political issue. Therefore, this issue needs to be hled with great care. "

Chen Jining said the Ministry's attitude was also very clear. PX is a very important industrial technology industry, garbage incineration other facilities are important urban infrastructure, we should support the construction of these facilities, but we should build them according to law. It is necessary to support the construction of projects with advanced technology, environmental protection measures in place site selection meeting the requirements. In the process of examination approval, environmental protection departments should also be open transparent in information, earnestly protect the environmental rights interests of the public, strictly examine approve according to law, especially after the completion of the project, strengthen supervision control, so that the people can rest assured. Chen Jining of

hopes that governments at all levels will improve the scientific democratic level of their decision-making, especially in the early stage of such projects, increase efforts in planning, site selection, public participation, information disclosure, etc., listen to the public's opinions carefully, protect the rights interests of the public, properly hle the "launch" of such projects. At the same time, we also hope that enterprises do not hide behind the government, but actively communicate with each other, so as to benefit the people, build with the community, actively do related work.

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