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Small: a new fabric based micro co Zn battery with high energy density and high stability

wallpapers News 2020-09-27

with the rapid development of micro wearable electronic devices high-efficiency flexible micro energy storage device has been widely concerned. Compared with the low capacity micro supercapacitor the micro lithium-ion battery the rechargeable micro cobalt zinc battery has attracted much attention due to its high safety high capacity rich zinc reserves. However most of the reported co Zn batteries are still plagued by low energy density poor cycle stability short circuit caused by zinc dendrite which limits their wide development. The results show that the main bottleneck of the development of CO Zn battery is the low energy density caused by the low capacity poor reversibility of the positive electrode the short circuit caused by the zinc dendrite. On the one h the construction of three-dimensional hierarchical structure electrode can effectively improve the load of active materials the electron / ion transfer rate thus solving the problem of low cathode capacity. In addition the optimization of zinc anode mechanical isolation can effectively alleviate the short circuit problem caused by zinc dendrite. However due to the limitation of micro structure limited micro fabrication process it is still a challenge to apply the above optimization strategy to micro battery.

Professor Mai Liqiang of Wuhan University of technology has designed constructed a new fabric based micro co Zn battery with high energy density high stability. Three dimensional nickel plated fabric collector with high conductivity CO (OH) with synergistic effect 2@NiCo-LDH With the core-shell structure electrode the capacity electrochemical kinetics of the battery are improved. The flexible micro co Zn battery can provide high energy / power density of 0.17 MWh cm − 2 / 14.4 mwcm − 2 which surpasses most of the reported micro energy storage devices. In addition by optimizing the zinc anode designing a new "gully" battery configuration the electric field distribution on the electrode surface inside the battery is regulated thus alleviating the short circuit problem caused by zinc dendrite resulting in the high stability of the micro battery. The research team also proposed a set of efficient simple suitable for flexible micro device micromachining process successfully constructed a flexible micro battery with high mechanical strength. The construction technology new battery configuration proposed in this work open up a new way for the development of flexible micro battery. The related research work was published in small

with the title of "wearable textile based co Zn alloy microbattery with high energy density excellent reliability"
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