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Small: highly active amorphous rucu nanosheets grown on Cu nanotubes for hydrogen evolution over a wide pH range

wallpapers News 2020-12-23
In recent years with the increasing dem for energy the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution hydrogen is considered as one of the most potential clean energy sources to replace traditional fossil fuels. Among them electrolyzed water technology is considered to be an effective way to prepare hydrogen on a large scale because of its green carbon free emission other clean characteristics. Noble metal catalysts (such as Pt Rh etc.) are the most advanced hydrogen evolution catalysts. However the expensive price of noble metal catalysts the slow reaction kinetics in alkaline neutral electrolytes seriously restrict the development of hydrogen production from electrolytic water. Therefore the reasonable design of electrocatalysts with low cost high activity high stability under wide pH conditions has attracted extensive attention of researchers.

recently Professor Cheng Daojian of School of chemical engineering Beijing University of chemical technology has successfully synthesized a three-dimensional ruthenium copper nanocrystals (3D rucu NCS) by a simple wet chemical method in which two-dimensional amorphous rucu nanosheets grow directly on the crystal Cu nanotubes (NTS). The current density of 10 Ma cm − 2 can be achieved at 18 MV 73 MV in alkaline neutral media. Then density functional theory (DFT) calculations experiments show that the Ru sites on the surface of amorphous nanosheets are highly active sites. In addition the unique surface area of the nanosheets can effectively prevent the cracking of pure water compared with the nanosheets. At the same time the interface between amorphous nanosheets crystalline nts is very important to improve their properties because the amorphous phase has many unsaturated bonds which is conducive to the adsorption of reactants the crystalline Cu with good conductivity can promote the electron transfer. The researchers believe that this research work provides a new idea for the preparation of efficient Ru based hydrogen evolution catalyst solves the problem of low activity of hydrogen evolution catalyst in neutral alkaline environment through interface construction morphology control.

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