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Specific powder of cemented carbide powder

wallpapers News 2021-01-27
Cemented carbide powder-boron carbide powder
Boron carbide has a high melting point, large neutron capture surface, low density, good chemical inertness, and excellent thermal and electrical properties. It is the hardest substance after diamond and cubic boron nitride. In addition to extensive use as abrasives, boron carbide can also be used to make various wear-resistant parts, thermocouple components, high-temperature semiconductors, hot spot conversion devices on spacecraft, bulletproof armour, reactor control rods, and shielding materials. In recent years, boron carbide has attracted more and more attention due to its excellent properties and has become a new research hotspot in the field of new materials. High-quality powder raw materials are a prerequisite for obtaining high-performance products. To prepare ceramic materials with excellent performance, it is often necessary to prepare powder materials with high purity, fine particle size and good sintering performance. The preparation methods of boron carbide powder include carbothermal reduction method, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis method, direct element synthesis method and so on. 

The main preparation method of boron carbide powder
The first is the carbothermic reduction method. The carbothermic reduction method is the earliest used method for preparing boron carbide. Boron carbide was used in the industry shortly after its discovery, and it is also the most important preparation method in current industrial production. The advantages of this method for synthesizing boron carbide powder are simple equipment structure, small footprint, small investment, fast construction speed, mature and stable process operation and easy control. But it also has shortcomings. First of all, because the heat transfer rate of the control reaction process is very slow, the production temperature is much higher than the theoretical synthesis temperature, the reaction time is longer, and the energy consumption is high. Secondly, the high reaction temperature and long reaction time promote the growth of boron carbide crystal grains and the agglomeration of particles. 
Nano boron carbide powder also has a higher neutron absorption efficiency than micron-sized boron carbide powder and is widely used in the nuclear industry and national defence industry. The boron carbide bulletproof armour made of nano boron carbide powder is added, the mechanical properties and penetration resistance are greatly improved, and the armour protection ability is more prominent. 

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