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The first year of graphene industrialization?

wallpapers News 2020-07-22
The industrialization of

is the key stage of the application of new technology new materials. After half a year's silence, graphene has been agitated recently. Li Yichun, Secretary General of China's graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, proposed that 2015 will be the first year of the outbreak of China's graphene industry.

graphene mobile phones have been mass produced. A piece of news about

has been widely spread in graphene field recently. In early March, the world's first batch of 30000 graphene mobile phones were released in Chongqing. The mobile phone is developed by Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo material technology Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is mass produced by Chongqing mohi Technology Co., Ltd.

it is reported that this is a new type of mobile phone with the newly developed graphene touch screen, battery thermal conductive film, which has higher touch performance, longer stby time better thermal conductivity.

according to Mohist, graphene mobile phone is out of the laboratory has got through the technology, but the cost is high.

at present, the price of graphene mobile phones is 1000 yuan higher than that of ordinary mobile phones of the same sex. "There are no orders now, we need to see user experience market feedback."

industry insiders Mr. Zhao told reporters that whether graphene's industrialization breakthrough in other fields ultimately depends on the market, that is, whether the mobile phone price ratio is accepted by end customers. At present, China's scientific research industrial circles are trying their best to attract attention, gather resources open up the industrial chain under the situation that the international large mobile phone manufacturers such as apple Samsung have not accepted China's graphene technology.

reporters noted that Huali family will suspend trading from January 21, plan to increase the number of shares, plans to acquire 100% of the stock rights of moene holding held by Nanjiang group, the major shareholder. Nanjiang group is the buyer of graphene technology the joint venture of industrialization of Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Ningbo materials is involved in the mass production project of Mohe technology mobile phone.

industry insiders said that the mobile phone mass production project will help gorgeous family to implement fixed increase. Since February, the graphene index has risen 20%.

is the first year of graphene industrialization in 2015?

graphene has the characteristics of high conductivity, high toughness, high strength, large specific surface area so on. It can be widely used in many fields such as lithium battery, touch screen, semiconductor, photovoltaic, aerospace, military industry, led, etc. After

graphene won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010, the R & D application of graphene technology in China has been promoted rapidly. Last year, the Industrialization Route of graphene preparation in China has been basically completed. At present, the downstream application of graphene preparation is still not up.

Li Yichun predicts that 2015 will become the first year of the outbreak of graphene industry in China. This year, the industrialization of graphene lithium battery is expected to be the earliest. In addition, with the vigorous development of electric vehicles, it is expected that the commercial application of graphene lithium battery products will drive an industrial chain of 10 billion yuan in China this year. In addition to mobile phones, the industrialization of graphene in composite materials, energy storage other fields is expected to enter a large-scale stage in 2015.

, but some business people are more cautious. Baoan, China, said that the company has the production capacity of 1 kg / D graphene powder, but the expansion of production still needs to be linked with the market, which is only in the application research stage.

a battery company in the south said that it was only trying the basic research of graphene technology. From the perspective of cost application, the technology was still in the stage of research development.

a researcher did not directly affirm the viewpoint of the first year of industrialization. He told reporters that graphene downstream applications are very wide, including low-end high-end products. It will be industrialized in a few fields in the near future, but it depends on the cost performance market size.

"graphene industry is now some people pay, some people contribute, but the new material industry, breakthrough slow repeated, need to withst the blow." He said.

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