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Tips To Keep The Precision Of Automotive High-Precision Bearings Unchanged

wallpapers News 2020-04-20

The necessary protective measures for automotive high-precision bearings are to ensure the accuracy of the bearings. Before the bearings are installed, they should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, dried, and used to ensure proper lubrication. Car bearings are generally greased or oiled. When applying grease lubrication, grease with excellent performance such as no impurities, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, and extreme pressure should be selected.

The amount of grease-filled is 30% -60% of the volume of bearings and bearing boxes, and should not be excessive. Automotive bearings with a sealed structure have been filled with grease and can be used directly by the user without further cleaning. When the bearing is installed, it is necessary to apply equal pressure on the circumference of the end surface of the ring to press the ring in. Do not directly hit the end surface of the bearing with a shank or other tools to avoid damage to the bearings. In the case of a small amount of interference, you can press the end face of the bearing ring with a sleeve at average temperature, tap the envelope with a shank, and press the ring evenly through the sleeve.

If large-scale installation, the hydraulic machine can be used. When pressing in, make sure that the end face of the outer ring and the shoulder face of the outer shell, the end face of the inner circle, and the end face of the shoulder of shaft are pressed tightly, and no gap is allowed.

Measure the size of the shaft and the bearing seat hole to determine the accuracy of the bearing fit. The applicable requirements are as follows: the inner ring and the shaft adopt an interference fit, the interference amount is 0 ~ + 4μm (0 at light load and high precision); Take a clearance fit with the bearing seat hole, the amount of clearance is 0 ~ + 6μm (but the clearance can also be increased when using angular contact ball bearings at the bearing at the free end); the roundness error of the surface of the shaft and the seat hole is below 2μm The parallelism of the end face of the ring is less than 2μm, the runout of the inner end of the shaft shoulder facing the outer end face is less than 2μm; the runout of the bearing seat shoulder against the axis is less than 4μm.

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