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What did the ancients mean by the highly toxic "Crane Top Red"?

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What did the ancients mean by the highly toxic "Crane Top Red"?
In many martial arts novels and costume dramas, Hedinghong is a familiar name, and it is also a fascinating poison.
It is known as the three ancient poisons along with the guillotine grass and the throat of seeing blood.
When a minister made a mistake, some emperors would give him Crane Crown Red; when the villain couldn’t beat others, he would also put Crane Crown Red in the other party’s wine; even when some wives had a red apricot out of the wall for the sake of To achieve the purpose of being with the adulterer for a long time, he will also kill her husband with the crested crest.
Because Crane Tinghong is very toxic, it will die soon after taking it, and there is no cure for it.
So when modern people try to explain that something is poisonous, they will also use it as an analogy.
For example, when the media said that black heart "squeezed oil from the soil" contains carcinogens and is harmful to humans, it is equivalent to N times the crane top red; there is even a song called "Crane top red", using crane top red It is a metaphor that once someone loves someone, it will be unforgettable, hard to extricate, and hopeless.
So, what exactly is Hedinghong? What are its ingredients and how terrible is its toxicity?
The common name of Hedinghong is Pishuang
Speaking of Crane Jinghong, it is a very elegant name, which seems a bit mysterious and profound to many people; but when it comes to its common name, we will not feel unfamiliar.
Especially those in the TCM industry, or those who have studied or been exposed to TCM, can't be more familiar with it.
Crane Dinghong is what we commonly call arsenic. As the name suggests, it is related to frost, and its appearance is a white powder.
From a distance, it looks like the frost of late autumn and early winter, hence the name arsenic.
Pisang is also called letter stone; it is also called red letter or white letter.
Its raw material is ore and its color is light red, so it is called red letter or red-letter stone, and the color of its finished product is a white powder, so some people call it a white letter.
The official name of arsenic is arsenic, and its molecular formula is As2O3.
Arsenic is an arsenic compound; its chemical name is arsenic trioxide.

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