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Application Of Molybdenum Powder In Paper Industry

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Molybdenum powder is usually prepared from ammonium paramolybdate or calcined MoO3 as a raw material and reduced with hydrogen. It is a raw material for preparing molybdenum deep-processed products by powder metallurgy.
The use of molybdenum powder in the paper industry can make the paper have good brightness, solid structure, easy writing, uniform coating, low friction, easy moisture removal and easy drying. Since the world’s paper industry has successfully switched from acidic processes to alkaline processes since the early 1980s, revolutionary changes have taken place in the use of fillers. Instead of wood pulp and other pigments, molybdenum powder can improve the brightness, impermeability, porosity, and bulk of paper. Alkaline processing is mainly used to produce fine printing and writing paper. For some important papers such as newsprint, although it is produced in an acid-based environment, molybdenum powder can also be used. At present, the amount of molybdenum powder used in paper coating formulations has increased significantly, from 5% to 10% to about 30%.

The world’s transition from acidic to alkaline papermaking reached its climax in the mid-1990s. Calculated by paper production capacity, 1997 alkaline or neutral papermaking processes in the United States accounted for 80% of total paper production capacity in the United States, and Western Europe accounted for 65%. By 2000, except for a small number of special paper products, 95% of the production capacity in the United States had been alkaline or neutral, and in Europe it had reached 80%. This shift has given molybdenum powder a huge market. At present, the paper-making coating grade molybdenum powder produced in my country cannot meet the demand, and the gap needs to be filled by imports.

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