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There is still a big demand gap for propylene oxide in China in the future

wallpapers News 2020-09-28

is understood that propylene oxide in China has increased by 300 yuan / ton recently, with a cumulative increase of about 600 yuan / ton after the festival. At present, the factory price of mainstream enterprises reaches 12750 yuan / ton, which has increased by more than 20% since the lowest point before the Spring Festival. The listing price of Binhua shares has risen from 11500 yuan / ton in early February to 12700 yuan / ton (acceptance), with an increase of 10.4%. A number of analysts said that with the increase of dem after the festival low inventory of manufacturers, propylene oxide enterprises are expected to raise the listing price again in the near future, the latest price may be released as soon as this week.

industry analysts said that due to the increasing dem for replenishment of downstream factories after the Spring Festival, the propylene oxide plant has a smooth shipment low inventory. Recently, there is a price adjustment node for the propylene oxide plant, which is expected to be released as soon as this week. At that time, the new single offer may continue to rise slightly, but the expected range will be less than the previous period.

industry insiders pointed out that with the continuous rise in propylene oxide prices, the industry's first quarter profit is expected to exceed expectations. Relevant analysts believe that the competitiveness of Binhua, a leading producer of propylene oxide, is expected to further improve. There is still a large dem gap for propylene oxide in China in the future. With the increase of propylene supply, profitability is expected to continue to rise.


propylene oxide related listed companies include Binhua, Fangda chemical, Wanhua chemical, etc. Among them, Binhua achieved a net profit of 362 million yuan in 2014, a year-on-year increase of 43.15%, propylene oxide accounted for 62% of the main business income; the propylene oxide / methyl tert butyl ether unit in the propylene oxide / acrylic acid integration project of Yantai Industrial Park launched by Wanhua chemical has realized the intermediate delivery (some projects have been completed), it is planned to put into operation in 2015, but the specific time has not been determined.

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